How are decisions made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

The SENDCo’s and class teachers have responsibility for making sure all children receive additional support where needed. The ‘Intervention Pathways’ show how we plan the type and amount of support to meet children’s needs and this information is shared with parents/carers of children who need additional support through. Parents/carers are invited to discuss these plans. Measures of progress are also clear on our ‘Intervention Pathways’ and we have many planned opportunities in school to discuss children’s progress.

Parents are invited to meet the class teacher every term at the Parent/Carer Meetings and a child’s support plan can be discussed here. Parents/carers are always welcome to come and discuss their child’s support plan at other times with teachers or the SENDCo’s. For children with more complex needs (EHCP level of support), these decisions are made jointly by parents and staff annually at the Annual Review meeting and termly at the Individual Education Plan meetings.

Adult support is not always the answer to a child’s needs and we are careful to promote positive learning attitudes, independence and resilience rather than over-reliance on adults. We try not to fix children in ‘groups’ as we believe this can fix their ideas about themselves as learners.

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