How will you prepare and support my child with transitions?

Teachers and support staff make home visits to children joining at the beginning of the Reception year as well as visiting any nursery settings the children have attended. All children join Reception in September with staggered starts over the first week. All children who join our school (other than at the start of Reception) are given an adult mentor who will support them until they have settled and made friends. For certain children with particular needs, we make a transition book to support each child moving from one class to the next.  The book contains photos of the new class; new class teacher; new classmates etc so that the child can look at the book over the summer break. In Year 6, teachers prepare children for the transition to secondary school and secondary staff visit the school to talk about all children’s needs. Some children benefit from extra support over this transition to secondary school. These children will be supported by a mentor or key worker. This will include additional visits to the secondary school. We often visit certain children after they have moved to secondary school too.