Inclusion at St Luke’s Primary

At St Luke’s, we have are proud of our strong reputation and wide experience in enabling children with a wide range of learning and physical delays, difficulties and disabilities to succeed academically and socially.

“Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities make outstanding progress” – Ofsted

St Luke’s welcomes all children equally to our school and believe that we all benefit from learning and playing together in a proactively inclusive community. We hold high aspirations for all our children, whatever their starting point or challenges in learning and development, and we know that with the right support and the right attitude children can make progress and their potential is neither fixed nor known. We promote a growth-mindset and value children’s efforts over levels of attainment. We talk openly about specific difficulties and disabilities in order to educate children about them and to help all children normalise these as part of everyday life. We believe children with SEND benefit from leading these discussions openly with their peers with the support of trusted adults. We teach children that we all learn the same things (playing; reading; writing; mathematics etc) in different ways and all the things we learn and all the ways in which we learn are equally important. We believe parent and pupil voice should be central to everything that we do and we aim to ensure that these voices are central to all decisions about a child.

We believe that to become a truly ‘inclusive’ school – a school in which all children and all families, whatever their needs, feel equally welcome and valued and receive exactly the support they need – is a challenging goal towards which we continue to strive with utter commitment.