Our Vision

Our Vision

Our school

St. Luke’s will be a welcoming, caring and happy learning community where the talents of all are nurtured and everyone has a voice. A learning community is one in which everyone has responsibility for their own and other pupils’ learning and for the governance of the
classroom. The school will be at the heart of our wider community. It will imaginatively engage all its members, supporting their well-being and offering guidance to all those who need it, both during the school day and beyond. Through clear shared values and an inclusive vision, we will break down barriers, challenge inequality and inspire children to become life-long learners.

Our learners

We will aim for high achievement in all areas and we will create children who are confident, independent and empathetic learners. Supportive, caring, critical but respectful relationships will form the golden thread which runs through learning activity. Child agency will be central to the maintenance and enrichment of this learning culture. The strong learning and teaching of metacognition will support a self-improving system – individually and collectively. Regular feedback including peer and self-evaluation will be the driver and regulator within this system. The children will be healthy,
self-aware, socially responsible and positive citizens. They will understand the global context of their lives and how they can contribute to sustainable growth. They will be enquiring, willing to take risks, to seek out challenges, set their own targets and be fully equipped for a rapidly changing world. Children will regularly review how best the community supports learning and relationships

Our Staff

We will provide a dedicated team of staff who are committed to developing children’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding and who inspire them to enjoy learning, achieve success and feel content and fulfilled. They will be reflective and dedicated to continuous learning for themselves through applying and developing successful research based practice.

Our Parents and Carers

We will work closely with all our parents and carers to support their children’s attendance and progress at school. We aim to ensure that all parents and carers feel part of the school community and influence and share its values so that all the children can reach their full potential. St Luke’s will support parents and carers by keeping them informed of the curriculum, their children’s progress and by providing
supporting materials to help their children at home. St Luke’s will encourage regular input from parents by creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our environment

We will endeavour to create a safe, stress free, high quality learning and work environment, which reflects the high value we place on education, children and the professionals within it. It will stimulate, extend and nurture children’s learning. It will celebrate the rich diversity of our community and beyond and it will fully support every need.

Our curriculum

There will be a creative, inspiring, co-constructed and experiential curriculum that constantly evolves and enables our children to be successful citizens of the 21st Century. Enquiry based learning will be the core curriculum approach. It will draw on the talents, innovative thinking and teamwork of all the staff and children and the rich resources found in the local, national and global community. It will be founded on exciting personalised learning programmes which reflect the diversity in our community. Audience and purpose will be strong. We will fully embrace technology in all areas of our school life in order to enhance teaching and learning and our overall effectiveness.

Our capacity for improvement

We will be a learning organisation, committed to research and continually promoting the training and development of all. Through flexible local, national and global networking we will lead on innovation and excellent practice in all areas. We will be a reflective organisation that listens to and learns from all our stakeholders, engages in continuous self-evaluation and improvement and is fully committed to the well-being of all.