Collaborative Learning

Learning With Others is a programme that impacts directly on learning, pupil behaviour, class relationships and how children work in groups. We believe that in a constantly changing world the children who will be the happiest and the most successful will be those who are able to learn effectively in wide range of situations and with a wide range of people.

Through a programme devised by the University of Brighton, we aim to explicitly teach children the key skills and attitudes for effective group learning.

LWO focuses on the pupil and their relationship with their class and by offering practical reflective strategies, we help to build trust, communication and problem solving skills among children. They then engage more in their own learning as well as take responsibility for each other. Children are then motivated to learn more effectively together in class and in the playground. The teaching of LWO skills starts as soon as the children enter Reception. As they move through the school, they become very adept at learning with and from each other.