The story stealer



What could have happened to the Story Stealer???

Who knows? I bet you have some good ideas!



26 comments on “The story stealer

  1. i think he got covered in stories and turned good

  2. Max Mckinnon says:

    I think that he blew the goodness of stories into the story stealers ear and he then appreciated stories.

  3. I think the story stealer will realize what he is doing and stop. the story stealer will actually be a nice person.

  4. I think the story stealer would get killed and everything would be back to normal.

  5. I reckon all of his thoughts were blown out by the boy then he couldn’t remember how to take people’s storys anymore!

  6. I think the story stealer will have all of the boys stories and realise that all of the stories are really nice and that he shouldn’t steal them anymore because he is making everyone lonely and sad

  7. Max Mckinnon says:

    I also think another idea is that he could of died

  8. Sir. Type says:

    I think the boy sucked the stories out of the story stealer instead of the other way round

  9. I think the boy made the story stealer good and made it love books.

  10. I think that the boy blew really good stories into the story stealer and made him like stories and also made them stop stealing stories off others

  11. also I have another idea that he killed the story stealer

  12. The story stealer becomes a good guy because he finally has the joy of a story

  13. Anonymous says:

    he also could have given away his stories to the story stealer

  14. Anonymous says:

    i think that the story stealer had got all the stories that the boy had in his head and gave them to the story stealer and because the story stealer had all of these stories in his head then he changed his mind about taking the stories because he has never had a story in his head and because they are so nice he decided that he is not going to steal stories anymore but learn more so yeah

  15. I think the story stealer took in the good of stories and started spreading them
    instead of getting them.

  16. I also think the story stealer loved stories.

  17. G W I L Y M H A R R I S says:

    I think the boy gave his brilliant stories to the story stealer and there was an explosion and when the explosion was done there was a human there and he laughed (The human was the story stealer but he had been set free, he became the story stealer because he was very sad because no-one told him stories so he didn’t know how good they were)

  18. Theo Katz says:

    The Story Stealer smiled for the first time ever and then changed into a small story tree and all over the Earth other story trees appeared and the world became a very happy place.

  19. Tigers keyworker bubble says:

    We had a few different ideas. One idea was that the story stealer gets blown away and this solves the problem for the humans but isn’t a happy ending for the story stealer. Another idea, which we think is more likely, is that the boy’s stories go into the story stealer’s brain and he enjoys them. Then he stops being jealous and doesn’t steal stories any more. Maybe he even shares the stories with others, buys his own books or writes the stories down.

  20. Konstantinos says:

    I thought that the story stealer gets blown in the face by the little boy and blows the boys stories into his head and seems to think the story was quite interesting :)

  21. Felicia Hargie says:

    I think when the boy blew back all his stories to him the story stealer woke up and became a good story teller to all the children in the whole world.

  22. Eli Wakeling says:

    the boy blew the wickedness out of the story stealer’s head and everything was alright in the end.

  23. I think all the stories blew into his mind and he became a person who loves stories, but I made up my own ending which was that the power of the stories launched him into space, where he cut himself on Saturn’s rings, the story jar broke and sprinkled stories over the world, one of the stories was about a magical time hole and when you jumped into it you could transport to any place or time, someone heard the story and decided to go there with some laser guns, he went back to when the evil story stealer was first born, lasered him to bits, so he never sucked a single story out in the first place, plus he had the story of travelling back in time so he could laser him to bits.

  24. Imdad – Something wonderful happened to the story stealer. He got lots of books in his mind so he now knew what to read!

  25. Year 5 –
    He learned a lot of stories the boy knew and became a storymaker
    All the stories went into his mind. He laughed. The stories got stuck in his head.
    The wonder of stories taught him stories were really nice. He made new stories and put them in people’s heads

  26. Josh Witcher says:

    I reckon he’s not real

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