The message behind the story of Icarus

The Greeks wrote many magnificent myths (stories) which were often lessons about life from which people could learn. You probably listened to the story of Midas before the holidays which showed how greed could really ruin your life.

Have a look now at this Greek myth. What do you think it is telling us about how we should live our lives? There is probably more than one answer. A little warning – Greek myths don’t tend to have happy endings!


20 comments on “The message behind the story of Icarus

  1. Juna and Cleo says:

    We think that the son should have been watching where he was going. The father shouldn’t have blamed himself.

  2. Snow Monkey Leopards says:

    from Snow Monkey Leopards
    Alba: never makes wings with wax
    Imdad: always be careful. Even if you are good at something, keeps your eyes open and stay safe.
    Amelia and Lila: you should be careful about which types of feathers you use.
    Ida: even if you’re good at something you should still practise and look around.

  3. Snow Monkey Leopards says:

    Elsa: if you’re falling down you should make sure the wind is strong enough to carry you.

  4. 1 happily
    2. Detrimentally
    3. Kindly

  5. I think it is telling us that we should listen carefully and be very cautious.

  6. Eli Wakeling says:

    pay attention and don’t get carried away you’ll regret it.

  7. .*.'alia'.*. says:

    that was a really sad story!!! I think that the father should not have blamed himself for what happened. and also I thought in the story they should tell us what crime he did when he got banished.

  8. Konstantinos says:

    From Konstantinos – Tigers
    Icarus should have been more cautious and not get carried away. He was free at last but he shouldn’t have gone too far. We should listen to advice from people with more experience.

  9. they should have just stayed in the prison

  10. Maddy in monkeys says:

    I think that the message is think before you do things.

  11. I think you should always listen to people who have more experience.

  12. I think that you should be more careful and also DON’T. MAKE. WINGS . OUT. OF. BIRD. FEATHERS.

  13. Louis and Milo says:

    We think Icarus should have followed his dad and do what he said because his dad was a scientist.

  14. i think it is telling us that we should not change our lives and just love them the way they are

  15. KODYYYYYYYYY says:

    he should have listened to his dad because he would still be alive

  16. This video tells us to be carful and pay attention to what we are doing. When people tell you something always remember.

  17. Max Mckinnon says:

    I think the message of this story is always listen to the people who are wiser than you.Also, Icarus was being ignorant and was taking advantage of what you have, in Icarus’ case being free. Another message is that do not take advantage of what you have because look at what Icarus’ punishment.

  18. It’s telling us to be careful, and listen to everything said to us. If the boy listened, he would of never fell to his death.

  19. listening to other people when they are trying to help you and keep you safe because if you don’t you might end up hurting yourself and others around you or worse because you and people around you will might never forgive them selves and you wouldn’t want that now would you so if your parent trys to tell you something for your safety you should listen to them and if you don’t than maybe think about this story next time that happens and listen to them so nothing happens and your safe

  20. Tigers keyworker bubble says:

    Hector- The lesson is always keep your eyes open for danger
    Always test things out first
    Phoebe/Ollie – To listen to other people’s advice, don’t close your eyes
    Adam/Hal/Bowen – stick wings on without bees wax and don’t go to close to the sun
    Konstantinos – to listen to people who know more
    Bertie – don’t get so excited you don’t listen
    Freddie – if you don’t listen, you don’t learn

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