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St. Luke’s as a Learning Community

We have been looking into the research work of Chris Watkins. Following our INSET day we are embedding the following key approaches/principles to learning:

Child agency is central to the maintenance and enrichment of the learning culture

Learning/knowledge and skills building is primarily a social experience/collective endeavour with some opportunities for individual experience

Learning is not competitive but mutually supportive and enhancing

A learning community is one in which everyone has responsibility for their own and other pupils’ learning and for the governance of the classroom

Strong learning and teaching metacognition support a self-improving system – individually and collectively

Enquiry based learning is the core curriculum approach

The teacher is a facilitator of learning and knowledge expert – knows the learning outcome and the skills needed but does not define the route

The children know for themselves how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve

Skills teaching and learning enables the freedom to be exploited

Self-directed learning is the ideal

Audience and purpose is strong. The product is often collaboratively created and evaluated

Time is used flexibly to promote deeper and more sustained learning

Regular peer evaluation and feedback is the driver and regulator within this system

Peer teaching and co-learning are a core approach for enrichment and mastery

Supportive, caring, critical but respectful relationships form the golden thread which run through learning activity

Children regularly review how best the community supports learning and relationships

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