PCTA at St Luke’s

PTCASt Luke’s PCTA is an active group of parent and carer volunteers who organise various social activities at the school for both children and adults. We run a variety of events through the year including a barn dance, a quiz night, a wine tasting night, a number of ‘breakfast mornings’ and of course the summer and winter fairs. We also support the activities of other ‘action’ groups such as the solar panels team who are raising money for panels for the school.

All funds raised through the activities of the PCTA are ploughed back into the school, this can be for playground equipment, books for the library, helping out with school trips to name but a few.

Volunteers are always very welcome, the more the merrier is the philosophy! We meet regularly but if meetings aren’t your thing then offering a small amount of your time to support the events is really very helpful. Come along and get involved, it is a great way to meet people and it is an active and friendly community.

For more information contact:

Justine Stephens
Chair of the PCTA