Year 5 Pandas Rock in their Soundmakers Music Project

Pandas have been learning to play the guitar altogether in their ‘Soundmakers’ music project this term. What amazing rock stars they have turned out to be! They have also been composing their own ‘Four Seasons’ compositions and learning about what it’s like being in a real band from Tim, a professional musician who has been helping to run the Soundmakers project.

Below are video links to just some of the ‘Soundmakers’ activities Pandas have been doing over the last ten weeks.

‘Soundmakers’ is a project organised by Brighton and Hove Music and Arts (BHMA). Its purpose is to inspire children to learn an instrument and take up music lessons. If your child would like to learn an instrument (not just the guitar), please visit the BHMA website for more details and information on how to apply. Follow this link to see if you qualify for Subsidies / Help with fees


Guitar Lady with Backing Track


Guitar Lady with Drum Machine (no backing track)


I Wanna Play Rock ‘n’ Roll


Four Seasons Compositions


Tim demonstrates the electric guitar