Pyjama Party

What an exciting week Reception have had! We have been busy preparing for our end of topic pyjama party. The children wrote invitations to give to their friends and wrote ideas for what we could watch during our PJ party. They made bunting, paper chains and more to decorate the classroom. Then on Thursday we all made Rocky Road and classroom had a delicious melted chocolate smell all day, yum!

Finally we had the much anticipated Pyjama Party! We started off with a ‘pyjama catwalk’ where the children took turns to show off their fabulous PJs! They were all excellent dancers and everyone boogied along energetically to the music. We played musical statues and musical bumps as well as doing the hockey cokey and a conga all around the school. We snuggled under blankets to watch Julia Donaldson’s Zog, before finally enjoying our home made Rocky Road.

What a super day!