The St. Luke’s School Orchestra

Our school orchestra is going from strength to strength – in September it will be in its third year! In the “2015/16 Season” we played some Baroque music, a French 60s pop tune, Jingle Bell Rock, a Jamaican rumba, a Spanish piece especially written for the orchestra, a Russian folk song and some film music.

The children in the orchestra are doing a fantastic job – practising their parts, learning some quite complex arrangements and performing brilliantly in our regular concerts. We have a great line up of instruments: recorders, violins, keyboards, xylophones, metallophones, cello, guitars and cornet.

The orchestra is led by Bernd Rest, a local composer, guitarist and instrumental teacher. He writes tailor-made parts for all the children, ensuring that everyone can fully take part in the music-making, irrespective of their level of experience. The orchestra is open to children from Yr. 3-6 who are learning an instrument (in or out of school) and have some experience of reading music.

Please get in touch with Bernd on if you have any questions about the orchestra.