Council proposal to reduce St. Luke’s admissions

We urgently need your help!

The council is proposing that St Luke’s reduce pupil numbers from 90 per year group to 60. Our school would lose £140,000 per year, which will impact on every child’s school experience. The funding cut equates to almost £1million, a third of our school budget, in just 7 years. This will impact on everything – and particularly our provision of anything outside of normal lessons including sport, music, pastoral support, literacy support, planet care and more.

Please look at the following documents for more information and to see what you can do to help then watch the video to learn how to make your views known:

Letter from Simon and the governors:


Powerpoint presentation:

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Here is a recording of the council’s online presentation from 4th December, though it does not include any of the comments or questions and answers that came after the presentation.