Choosing a primary school – Tours of St. Luke’s replaced by Zoom

Due to the introduction of lockdown, we are sadly unable to continue with the planned tours and will instead be offering a Zoom presentation which will hopefully give you a clear understanding of life at St. Luke’s. We will try and capture the spirit of our community and share with you the care we show for each and every child. You will hear from the Headteacher, Jonathan Cooper, and the Early Years lead teacher, Emma Liles. There will be a video of Reception and a photographic tour of the building. You will also be able to ask any questions.

Please ring the office on 01273 675080 or email us on and book yourself onto a Zoom presentation for 6.00pm on one of the following dates:

Tuesday 10th November

Wednesday 18th November

Thursday 26th November

We are very much looking forward to seeing you, even if it is only in the virtual sense!