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Year 6 Termly Homework

Year 6 Termly Homework Task

As well as your weekly spelling, reading and maths homework, as a termly task, we would like you to research rationing during WW2.

You could present your findings in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Design a poster to show the weekly ration for an adult / child
  • Show what (e.g. sugar) and when (e.g. 1940) rations were introduced
  • Design a menu for a week during WW2 or for a special event (e.g. a party)
  • Create a rationing board game
  • Compare typical meals during the war with meals today
  • A propaganda poster to encourage people not to waste food or to grow their own vegetables
  • Try out some WW2 recipes and review them
  • Interview someone who experienced rationing first hand

Or any other creative (and beautifully presented) product.

We would like this in on Monday 7th December. (Remember to pace yourself so that it’s not a rush in the last week!)

Heather, Jennifer and Philippa