Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,



We have recently handed out home school diaries to each child. As you know, reading is such an important part of your child’s lifetime learning. Thank you for continuing to read every night with your child. We would like to emphasise the importance of your child reading aloud to you and discussing the book, even if they are already a confident reader. It would be very helpful for us if you could write the name of the book you read together into the diary each night.

Please help your child to bring their St Luke’s book bag into school every day with their reading book and home school diary inside. If you have any queries about book bags please see any of the Year 4 team.


Your child now has their Home School Spelling Book (A5 and with a purple cover). This contains a copy of the Year 3 and Year 4 ‘statutory’ spellings that all children learn now. It also has the weekly spellings based around a spelling rule that we are focusing on in class. Your child will be tested on the spellings every Monday in the back of the book. Then the new spellings are stuck in the front of the book the following day. As you know, it is very important that your child practices and learns their spelling at home as well as at school, in order to make progress with their writing skills. Please use the book at home to support your child in learning their spellings.

Multiplication Tables

In Year 4 we focus on and learn a times table about every 3 weeks. We have started the term with a focus on the 4 x table. Every week there is a times tables test (on a Monday for Otters and Beavers and a Tuesday for Kingfishers) the results of which are glued into your child’s Home School Diary usually the following day so that you can see how they are progressing. Children will write a note in their diary when the focus table changes. There are many great times table games on mymaths that will help your child learn to have a quick recall of them.


My Maths

This week we are starting maths home learning using the brilliant MyMaths website.

Here is the link:   http://www.mymaths.co.uk


Children need to enter the school login and password (same as last year) at the top of the home page and then enter their personal login and password (same as last year) where it says “my portal” on the next page. We will be checking that children know their logins this week and writing them in the Home School Diary.


MyMaths home learning in Year 4 is set each week on a Friday so that children can consolidate the maths skill that has been focused on that week. Usually there are two tasks so children choose the one that puts them in the amber zone – or try both if they want! Please see one of the Year 4 team if you have any questions!



Many thanks for your continued support.

Year Four Teachers