Year 1 Animal Research

What have you learnt about your animal? We can’t wait to find out!

21 comments on “Year 1 Animal Research

  1. We are about to think of which animals we will include in our group zoos!

  2. Olivia Turnbull says:

    many animals are in zoos poor animals

  3. Grace Morley says:

    We are learning about zoos. I know that elephants eat grass and peanuts, and they live in India and Africa.

  4. ivy hood says:

    tomorrow I’m going to draw a picture of a panda

  5. Max Mckinnon says:

    The scientific name for lion is Panther Leo trugeri

  6. Louis, 1L says:

    We researched Cobras. We found out lots of facts.
    They can climb trees.
    They can swallow birds.
    They spit poison that can make you blind.
    The King Cobra likes to live near water.

  7. Wow great facts! I wonder why cobras like to live near water?

  8. Are the Indian elephants the same as the African ones?

  9. Xil Taylor-Matthews says:

    Saltwater Crocodiles:

    They live in fresh water and salt water, in Australia.
    They’re very good at hiding from their prey and when prey approach for a drink of water, without warning, they launch out of the water and attack by holding on with their teeth and drowning it. Their prey includes water buffalo, monkeys and even sharks!
    They can be as large as a great white shark!

  10. Billy Regan says:

    i love monkeys because they go ‘ooaaooaa’ ooaaooaa.

  11. We’ve been learning about zoos. I’ve found out that polar bears like to eat berries if they can’t find any meat and they like to eat reindeer and fish. They live in the Arctic, not too close to the North Pole and not too far away, in the middle of the North Pole and Greenland.

  12. Female lions do not have mains

  13. Sam Ainscough says:

    Brown bears Hibernate in winter and hunt elk. But their main food is fruit and berries. And their favourite food is salmon. Sam Ainscough. Meerkat class.

  14. Catherine Cozens says:

    Cheetah’s are the world’s fastest land mammal. A cheetah is about the same length as me! They grow to 1.1 – 1.4m. They live up to 12 years.Cheetah’s catch animals like deer and zebras to eat. They live on grassy plains in Africa and Iran.

  15. Max Young says:

    Hippos live in Africa. They eat grass. They live in water but they are so big they can’t actually swim. Staying under water helps with their weight. They walk along the bottom of the water. There are two types of hippos a larger hippo and a small pygmy hippo which is very rare. There habitats are being destroyed by humans who use the water they live in for farming.

  16. Max Mckinnon says:

    Lions live in Africa and Kenya.?

  17. Max Mckinnon says:

    Lions need a big place to Rome and they eat zebras and they eat Tomsons gazelles and they eat birds .?

  18. Romany Connor says:

    I have been learning about parrots and they like to eat seeds and fruits and nuts.

  19. Lois Pearson says:

    I learned that elephants eat tree bark and bushes??

  20. Oscar Rich says:

    The largest living animal ever is a blue whale.
    The larges living land animal is an elephant.

  21. Cheetahs are the fastest runner on 4 legs and they live in Africa. They hunt gazelles, impalas and baby wildebeest.They have black spots and they creep around slowly in the very long grass.

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