Y6 Twelfth Night Performance

What should our ‘theme’ for Twelfth Night be? (e.g. The 80s / Sci-fi )

Do you have any other ideas for our performance?


24 comments on “Y6 Twelfth Night Performance

  1. Why don’t have beach balls with hearts on for ‘love is in the air ‘song?

  2. Madeleine says:

    During the shipwreck scene and the storm song we should have (instead of a proper ship) a pedalo as it’s beach themed!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. Keep them coming! What about a song for when characters ‘fall in love’? Any suggestions?

  4. in the love song i think a boy and girl x3 or 4 should dance
    an idea for the dance is the following
    1.boy and girl are both at different sides of the hall the run into the middle
    2.then hold both hands and spin a circle round and round
    3.with hands together rise both hand up and break holding hands
    4.spin on the spot a few times
    5. swap places
    6.join hands so there is a cross in the middle then jump
    7.drop hands run to the side you came from
    and those who do the dance could wear sun hats with hearts
    also on the mini stages there could be people with(like will said)beach balls with hearts on them waving them around whilst dancing on the spot
    a love song i like which probly is not approprite is love me like i do by ellie goulding ;-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. For love is in the air we should a medium sized segul carring a love heart in his beak!

  6. For the ‘love is in the air ‘ (or whatever it is going to be)song I thought that we could use one of those strong man things that you can get on piers where you use a wooden hammer and bash a big button and a circle goes up.Instead of a circle I thought that we could have a heart and the outside decorated with hearts .Also instead of showing how strong you are it shows how strong the love is.

  7. As it is beach themed we should have all of the narrators in there swimming costume (it could be a bikini) also we could wear a funny top hat .

  8. Hello i thought for the play we could put by the wall a big gigantic surfboard with a little window with olivia poking her head out wilst cesario aka viola standing below and reading out the love letter that duke orsino had sent and read it out

  9. we could use walking on sunshine

  10. I thought that for the whole play non actors could wear beachball shaped sunglasses and for the love song parts change to heart shaped sunglasses.

  11. We should definitely use knotted handkerchieves for hats because of the beach theme !!!!!Also i think Duke Orsino’s house should be a sand castle or beach hut.

  12. we need to use some of those horrible public toilets which you find on the sea side .

  13. I think we should use the spongebob theme song at some point during the play. and antonio’s hat should be an ice cream and crossbones!


  14. On the song love is in the air you can have stings with hearts on and wave them round.

  15. I think that Malvolio should put on a pair of yellow sunglasses when he is singing his second song. I also think that Olivia should have a white vail wen she’s getting married. For a love song you could maybe use ‘Walking on sunshine’.

  16. I think that in we are the young and it says tomorrow in are hands a row of people can hold the letters of tomorrow

  17. We could do I Love You Like A Love Song- Selena Gomez.

  18. i think for the ship wreck Louie and maisy should hold on to each other because they don’t want to split up and because im the acting group i think that maisy Louie charly should make it {ship wreck seen } so the twins hats fall off and charly could have something that blows away in the wind but i think that it is so good i am enjoying it a lot:}

  19. What fantastic performances! Well done everyone!

  20. Wow what a wondifal year . Year six was the best cant wait to come back and visut have a lovely holladay xx

  21. ellie southwell says:

    Hi to Jenifer and all other reaches will see you all on the 18 my inset day yay see you all soon xx

  22. sandra.smith says:

    Hi Ellie it’s Sandra in the office. Sorry i missed you when you came to school. I hope that all is well with you and your family.

    Best wishes, Sandra

  23. I think that because it is the flower power hippy type theme we could do the caravan of love for the love song?

  24. Maria (ruby) says:

    Last performance tomorrow and I am so happy about the earlier shows because everybody was the best they could be and it went terrifically!!

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