‘Would you rather’

Would you rather an alien visited your home

or would you rather visit theirs? Why?

17 comments on “‘Would you rather’

  1. We would rather an alien came to us….if we went to them we might have to eat slime!

  2. I would visit their house because you never know how big they are and they might cause a lot of damage.

  3. I would rather visit an alien’s house because if it came to my house it might wreck the place.

  4. I would rather go to the alians home because it would be fun. And we would be able to play with there toys but I wouldn’t like them to come to my house as they might be cheaky !! And make a mess in my room ! That’s what I think .

  5. I would rather I went to the alien’ s house because if an alien came to my house it could make all the furniture slimy and sticky.

  6. I would rather have an alien round to ours because when we have tea, he could produce some ice-cream for pudding!

  7. I would rather go to the aliens house because if the alien came to my house
    my parents would think I’m crazy and the alien might think we are crazy too.

  8. I would go to an aliens planet because I would get to see new things…

  9. What a range a very interesting comments and wonderful reasons too. More children would rather go to the alien’s house it seems! :-)

  10. I think both because I would go to an aliens house cos it would be fun and also an alien come to my house cos if I went to the aliens house they might have a trap!

  11. I would rather visit an alien’s house, because they could show me their alien Lego and if they came to my house they might destroy everything.

  12. I wold ratha both a aleon come to my hows beacus wen it is tea time it wold tast new things. i wold go to thers beacus the way I wold get ther wold be on a rockit and i wold look at spase beacus its byotifel.

  13. Here is another would you rather…… Would you rather live in a fairy tale, a Lego land or a fantasy land?
    I would go into a Lego because I can build my house and if I go into a fantasy land there might be scary things, and if I went into a fairy tale land I might meet a troll.

  14. I would go to the aliens house because I could see if he has a bumpy bed and if it is slimy also I would see what he or she eats.

  15. I would rather live in legoland because I can build my house and I love building.

  16. Hers a nuthor wood you ratha……Would you rather stay at school for the summer?, Stay at school ? or half and half, I would rather go to school but have my grandma, granddad , auntie fran, dominic, hayley and dad as my teachers!!!!!

  17. Dylan dude says:

    Visit there’s. Who knows they could be super cute!?

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