Would you like to have lived in a Celtic village?

How would you feel about living in a roundhouse with only one room? What about sharing your house with the farm animals? But then there was gathering around the fire for a captivating story, song or poem in the evening!

Having thought about the life of The Celts, would you have wanted to live then? We would love to hear your reasons about why a Celtic fort would be your ideal home or worst nightmare!

16 comments on “Would you like to have lived in a Celtic village?

  1. well i would who’s with me?????

  2. looking at the DEEP web we are 60% polluted and in roman times they where only about 8% polluted! scary eh?

  3. I would like to live in a Celtic village because i would lean lost of skills but on the down side could die and knowing me i probably would

  4. here is a link to the website Charlie got a vid from sorry i got the rong link try this one

  5. i would go with charlie but i would live at the very end of the Celtic era and go onto the next era :D

  6. maybe, but I wouldn’t want to get killed and I wouldn’t go to war if there was one

  7. Yes but it would be scary

  8. I would because it would be nice to learn new things and I could go where I want.Here’s a link about living in a Celtic village

  9. It would be scary if there was a war but otherwise it would be really fun living in a Celtic village.

  10. I would of liked to live in a Celtic village because you would of had freedom to do whatever you wanted. Also you would of learned lots of useful skills like building things out of wood and things like that.On the downside though if you got really ill there wouldn’t be any medicine and you could probably die.

  11. I agree with Freddie because why would you want to live in a place when war is on?

  12. Well not really because there was no running water,homes were very cold,after rain it was very muddy,and the men were in control thats sexist so definitely NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  13. my mum told me that :D also my mum told me to write and it’s sexist and we both thort it was funny :D

  14. So i would NOT live in a celtic village :D

  15. i agree with Evie

    And i would not live in a celtic village

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