What is the world’s best question?

The queen had such a headache because she had all those answers stuck in her head!

The royal doctor said ‘ You must fill your mind with questions. You see, every question will remove at least one of the answers that are in your brain. The better the question, the more answers it will get rid of. In fact, if you find the world’s best question, it will get rid of the answers in one go. You’ll feel better immediately.’

‘And what is the world’s best question?’ screamed the Queen


Can you help her? I bet you can!

33 comments on “What is the world’s best question?

  1. Romany Connor says:

    What is the worlds best question ? The worlds best question is the what is the worlds best question !!!!

  2. I think the best question is ‘what is the worlds best question?’

  3. Reuben Hall says:

    How many grains of sand are on the whole planet?

  4. Lois Sefton says:

    how many planets are there?

    how many blades of grass?

    who created languages?

    why are we here?

  5. What is the worlds best question?

  6. Bowen morris says:

    My Question is: When you look at a flag fluttering, are you seeing the flag or the wind?

  7. Raifa Hrishit says:

    .How do you get the answers out of your head?
    .What are the answers
    .Are your answers short or big
    .How are you

  8. 1. what is your crown made of ?

  9. How does global warming effect the earth?

  10. I think the best question in the world is ‘ What is the best question in the world ? ‘

  11. what will happen when humans become extinct

  12. i think the question was “what answers do you have?” because when you talk to someone about your problems they go away and you dont have to worry about them anymore

  13. Hope (Kingfishers) says:

    Where did the Universe come from?

  14. what hapens when the world ends

  15. William Ling says:

    Who was the first Human

  16. Alia Cheverton says:

    I have two ideas:

    . what is the worlds best question

    – and-

    . why were we created (what is the point)

  17. Alia Cheverton says:

    or how was everything and everyone created and why do we evolve

  18. . Are humans big or small ?
    .what’s the world’s best question ?

  19. The question is ‘what question would you ask me if you wanted to empty
    my head of answers?’

  20. I think the world’s best question is: “Will you ever find the world’s best question?”

  21. Nathaniel Ling says:

    How much air is in the world

  22. Adrian (kangaroos) says:

    Why are we the only life in the universe ?

  23. Cinnamon Stapleton says:

    Arabelle, Bridie and Summer from Year 1 Zebras put their heads together for this one and came up with the following questions:

    – What is the world record for number of coconuts on a palm tree?
    – What is the strongest magnet?
    – How many monkeys can a python swallow in one go?
    – What’s the highest tower in the world?
    – How did the world come to be?
    – What was the name of the first person in the world?
    – What was the first word ever spoken?
    – Why did people not allow women to work in the past?

  24. what is our purpose? and
    what is big and small? When does a big thing become small?

  25. What came first the chicken or the egg?

  26. Wheres the end of space?

  27. The best question is who was the first ever person

  28. Tigers keyworker bubble says:

    Tigers keyworker bubble think it is ‘What is in your head?’

  29. Why do you worry so much?

  30. milly and iris says:

    we think the worlds best question is: does every question have to have an answer?

  31. Does the world around us exist?

  32. What’s the best way to save the world?

  33. The best question Is “where does everything come from?”

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