What is the best part of Christmas?

What do you think is the best part of Christmas? Can you give a reason for your answer?

10 comments on “What is the best part of Christmas?

  1. Getting rapt presan/s because you get mor presan/s.

  2. My favourite part about Christmas is when Santa comes because you get presents and get more toys! But why do we get presents?

  3. Arun Ruijterman says:

    The best part of Christmas is when I open my presents from Santa because I love getting presents and I love surprises.

  4. I agree which you arun I like presents at Christmas as whel arun.

  5. Alia Cheverton says:

    Being with your family because Christmas is about love.

  6. I agree wiv you alia Christmas is about love.

  7. I love christmas as whel arun

  8. when i got my presents

  9. you can get knew things and putting the christmas tree

  10. Arthur shaw says:

    Being with your family. ⚽️?

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