What did the Romans do for us?

Think about all you have learnt about the Romans this half term, then see if you can answer the following question explaining your reasons. Use the pictures below to give you some ideas.

The Romans made Britain a worse place to live. True or false?

11 comments on “What did the Romans do for us?

  1. Romany connor says:

    I think that Romans were helpful most of the time and not nice most of the time to.

  2. I think the Romans made England a bad place for the Celts because the Romans stole there money killed lots of people and burnt there towns down. But the Romans brought grapes ,made roads and brought elephants.

  3. Romany connor says:

    Romans invented concrete to help them build stuff like buildings. Romans as well invented newspapers so they could communicate with the city. Romans invented roma n numerals for counting and the calender for dates and months.
    Did you know ?
    That Romans didn’t invent the roads.
    Did you know?
    That there newspapers were made out of stone.

  4. fules because look what we have now wine,metel and steel all because of the Romans.

  5. we coud ‘nt know what we know today of the romans

  6. I think that the Romans were half good half bad because they killed lots of celts but they also brought elephants , grapes and straight roads over to England .

  7. I think the Romans were useful for flat roads and steel

  8. Emily Reeves says:

    False.Because the Romans brought lots of stuff like baths and proper road but they increased pollution and killed you if you disagreed or if you refused to trade

  9. Well maybe Williambut I think the Romans were meen

  10. I think it could be either because Romans brought grapes and straight roads but they also killed a lot of Celts and the ones who survived got made into slaves.

  11. False! The Romans built our roads, built our sewers and baths and also brought yummy food too!

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