Top Tips – what can help you relax?

I am sure you have some very creative ideas for helping children relax when they are feeling a bit anxious. Put your ideas down here and let’s see if we can get a really good toolkit of ideas together.

Thanks for your inspiration!


30 comments on “Top Tips – what can help you relax?

  1. Sit on the grass in your garden or a park and close your eyes and feel the breeze and listen to the birds and then open your eyes and look at the clouds and see what shapes you can see.

  2. Sammy Croxton says:

    Reading – I recommend the Moomins.

  3. To help me relax I play on my switch with my brother or on my own

  4. I like making scratch projects, getting them finished and then sharing them. I always feel really proud of my finished projects.

  5. if you do not have a switch than I would chat to your parents and have a snack or you could go for a run around in your garden or the park

  6. skateboard reading playing on my ipad and funny stuff

  7. i like playing with friends online

  8. stroking my dog Lucy

  9. I like playing online with friends and going to the park

  10. watching my phone and sleeping even sports

  11. sit down in my room

  12. I like to draw when I am sad.

  13. Scream into a pillow.

  14. Listening to calming music and listening to meditations help me relax.

  15. Raifa Hrishit says:

    .Reading a book.
    .siiting and watching the view
    .Watching a movie on netflix
    .building Lego
    .having a mug of hot chocolate
    .spending time with family.
    .visiting your relatives.
    .playing an instrument.
    .having a play date.
    .medetating and doing breathing exercise.
    .going to the beach and dancing with the waves.
    .listening to music.
    .running outside.
    .baking with somebody.
    .visiting the country side.
    .going on a holiday.

  16. G W I L Y M says:

    Playing rugby with my brother and watching a movie with popcorn

  17. Iris 💎🌊🌅 says:

    Even if it sounds simple, just taking two deep breaths calms you down. I also recommended reading 📖 my book recommendations: roof toppers by Katherine Rundell, Bad dad by David walliams, the worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline Wilson and Bleak house ( kids version ) based on the novel by Charles dickens illustrated by Barry Ablett 🤓😊

  18. Iris 💎🌊🌅 says:

    Really helps ⬆️

  19. Wrapping up in a soft blanket

  20. Speaking to your friends on face time, playing a board game with your family and reading a book

  21. Woody Marsden says:

    sitting on the pebbles, listening to the waves with your eyes closed

  22. Olivia Marsden says:

    looking out of the window and drawing what i see into a sketchbook

  23. Something to distract you/take your mind off things; for example;

    I find reading, editing my videos for my YouTube channel or even just doing my makeup takes my mind off things.

  24. Eli Wakeling says:

    building/playing Warhammer, playing yu-gi-oh or magic the gathering and watching YouTube.

  25. What helps me relax :
    – baking
    – painting/drawing

  26. you can draw your feelings by scribbling or go out in the garden for a walk or if you don’t have a garden you can go to the park. You can also do star jumps and run around the house to try to forget about the thing. If you have a worry you can imagine it inside a big bubble and blow it away. Or you could imagine a big machine making your worry go away.

  27. from Snow Monkey Leopards
    Malaika: I stroke my nose with my pinkie and think happy thoughts
    Bert: I like to curl up into a ball and put my covers over my head.
    Elsa: I like to stand on one leg, put my hands in a prayer position and breath in and out slowly
    Amelie: Me and my mum play Animal Crossing.
    Anonymous: I hug my teddies.
    Esme: I like to read a book or take deep breaths through my nose and out through my mouth.
    Alba: I listen to calming music.
    Lila: I watch videos of under the sea with my parents.
    Dylan: I like to play with my Lego.
    Oren: I like to read a book.
    Alex: I like watching documentaries Our Planet or Night on Earth.

  28. my top tip is to be yourself be original and be SILLY! you never know a little bit of silliness might just be exactly what you need!

  29. Tigers keyworker bubble says:

    – playing on my flight simulator
    – listening to calm music
    – dancing
    – watching ‘The Masked Singer’
    – lying on my bed, closing my eyes and imagining nice things
    – telling myself ‘everything is going to be okay’
    – playing with my homemade sock puppets
    – playing a card game with my dad
    – drawing and colouring
    – hugging my cat
    – stretching
    – screaming to get my stress out
    – sleeping

  30. Louis and Milo says:

    We like listening to music and reading a comic or a book. When we play football, everything else goes silent. Louis thinks staying in bed makes things worse, Milo likes it.

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