The Heart and The Bottle

In Badgers Class today we read ‘The Heart and the Bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers.

We asked these questions:

Why did the girl put her heart in a bottle?

How did she survive without her heart?

How is she ‘like any other girl’ when we are all different?

What are your thoughts?

15 comments on “The Heart and The Bottle

  1. Great questions Badgers class. Do you have any answers to these or any other questions to pose?

  2. It is quite amazing ? to see a girl that survives with no heart

  3. arthur shaw says:

    How did she survive without her heart?

    i would say it wasn’t a real heart because no-one can survive without their heart in real life.

  4. The girl put her heart in a bottle because she thought it would be safe, and it was safe, but she wasn’t.

  5. Amazing and thoughtful comments so far. Thank you for replying George, Arthur and Juna. Juna you said that she put her heart in the bottle to keep it safe. I’m wondering: safe from what?

  6. Maybe an invisible fairy put another heart in there really quickly

  7. Lenny Caple-Forward says:

    Maybe she’s fairy and she can survive without her heart?!

  8. Oliver O'Connell says:

    Arthur – I agree with you. Nobody can survive without their heart. Why did she want to keep it safe? I think she was scared of something – like somebody might steal her heart.

  9. Why did she think the bottle was a safe place to put her heart in it

  10. Very thoughtful questions Badgers. What do we mean when we say heart? Is there only one meaning or does it have many?

  11. Arthur Shaw says:

    l agree with you lenny ,but hou can she be a fairy when it said like any other girl? From arthur

  12. I don’t know if you can live Without your heart.

  13. I agree wiv you Athur.

  14. Nobody can live without their heart but as it is a story she could be magical?

  15. Nobody can live without their heart, but as it is a story she could be magical

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