The Gross Science Show

Did you enjoy the Gross Science Show?

What was your favourite bit?


5 comments on “The Gross Science Show

  1. i really enjoyed the show and my favourite bit by far was watching the food go in the digestive systom and come out looking like POO !! Also i really enjoyed the bit where they set her hands on fire, it was awsome!

  2. I really enjoyed the gross show especially the digestive machine and how it turned the coke , cereal and sweetcorn into POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i loved this but our class room did smell a bit like sick

    it was really cool to see what happens inside of us

  4. Alfie 6PK says:

    it was amazing.Everyone loved it although it was gross i liked it:)

  5. lola-bo hardy says:

    really missing primary school I am in year 9 now and miss all you guys get in touch soon xxxx

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