The Day the Crayons Quit

We read ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers.  What if you were a crayon? What colour would you choose to be? Why?

14 comments on “The Day the Crayons Quit

  1. We also noticed a big idea in the story about friendship. Can you remember what that big idea was?

  2. I would be red because i like red orso i love the colour of the sun and red is the colour of the sun

  3. Arthur Shaw says:

    I would be grey crayon. Because l like doing lots of jobs!

  4. I would be red because it is a lighty darky colour and it is my favrate colour and i like to use that colour

  5. I would be glow in the dark because I’ve never seen it and it looks really cool but i’ve got a question for you. How does it glow in the dark?
    The big idea is listening in the story.

  6. My favourite colour is green because he is really kind and happy. I think I know what the big idea is…It is to make the crayons happy by listening to them and making a picture with all the colours

  7. Sylvie King says:

    If I were a crayon in the story I would be red because I like working hard like the crayon and red is the colour of my favourite fruit strawberries and Christmas ❤️Sylvie King

  8. Lenny Caple-Forward says:

    My favourite colour is red because it reminds me of Santa delivering presents

  9. Arun ruijtermans says:

    I would be red is my favourite football team and it is the colour of Christmas

  10. Arun ruijtermans says:

    I also like red because it is the colour of red and the colour of my Christmas jumper

  11. Are krayon/s atchly alive propaly.

  12. Arun Ruijterman says:

    I would be green because green is the colour of crocodiles and trees. I would also be red because it’s the colour of my football team and Christmas

  13. Maxwell Robinson says:

    I would like to be red crayon because red is the colour of lava.

  14. I woul be the green çraon because its the cooler of leev/s.

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