Sowing and Growing topic

            What are plants for?

8 comments on “Sowing and Growing topic

  1. Plants are for animals and humans to bond they can also be made into food like maple syrup or olive oil

  2. Trees are really beautiful and they produce oxygen so that’s even better ??????

  3. they give us food and oxygen

    (plants are sooper cool

  4. Emily reeves says:

    Lots of things like Romy said oxygen, food for animals and humans, wood you can use it for making furniture, flowers for Honey and lots of other stuff.

  5. Lots of things,for example food and furniture,but for life and the environment
    and its not just for humans,its for all animals even carnivores like lions because they still breath and use plants as shelter from the rain.

  6. Marla the awesome! says:

    I”d say trees are nature”s miricle that produce air and stuff and what anna just said! But humans are coping them down, ( stupid humans) so animals like Tiger”s ( a.k.a my favorite animal) or monkey”s and stuff will……………………….. eventually become extinced :(

  7. To keep us alive by making air, they give us shelter and they’re nice to be around!

  8. they like bananas

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