Scientific Questioning

We have had a fantastic science week in Year 4. To continue our learning and scientific enquiry,  Year 4 have voted to use the following question for this blog :

What scientific invention do you think the world needs the most?

Have a think and talk with friends and family and enter your thoughts in the blog.


9 comments on “Scientific Questioning

  1. (1.)Hoverballs: a ball that you call weld/attach in some way and make that specific thing float. E.G. put two in the centre of a bike wheel of it could float. i don’t know how to make it move other than the momentum it would have from pedaling on the floor.

    (2.)A wireless electricity sender and receiver: an invention that can have an adapter on the machine you want to power E.G. a heater and a plug in the mains BUT there was no wire connecting the two.The plug had a signaler to send power.

    (3.)A computer that can that transfer solid objects into code and data: So if you put an apple not only would it be stored in the computer as data but because it is data & code when you took it out it would still be in the same state as when you put it in.

    (4.)spaceships for all!

  2. Darcie rose Bradfield says:

    I think we should have a harmonious pill.It makes people realise that hurting and being spiteful is not the right thing to do.Maby it could be a operation or a liquid,it doesn’t have to be a pill.I think it would make the world a better place to live because everyone would be happy and there won’t be so much war.Also it would make people kind so there wouldn’t be refugees,people won’t get killed and everyone would be equal.I hope that other people give their commitments because I want to hear other people’s opinions.

  3. omar hamdan says:

    watch cause if you didnt have watches you wouldnt know the time and could be late everytime you go to work or school

  4. omar hamdan says:

    a cure for war like a video that shows the world is not ment for war;]


  5. 1.Trees ( if we didn’t have any trees we would just die because trees give us air)
    2.Food&Drink(if we didn’t have any food and drink we would be very ill)
    3.Rainforests(if we didn’t have rainforests we would well i don’t know)

    If you have any more things that we need pls comment back to me thx

  6. Evie Dewbury says:

    (1) Hovering things ! : Because the it wouldn’t e so hard to get to places .
    (2) COMPUTAR GAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sry i got a bit too exited : Well because i LOVE playing on computer games like ROBLOX and MINECRAFT they are meh 2 favourite vidio games are they yours too! So pls comment back and i would be happy to have a look at yours!Oh and thx if u read meh comment :D

  7. Evie Dewbury says:

    sorry for all the mistakes in the last message!

  8. I think that the would needs a telorportatoin devise so there will br no car crashs.

  9. A time machine!

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