Reptile Week

This week we are learning about Reptiles in Reception. Who knows some interesting facts?

Do any of you have a pet reptile?

8 comments on “Reptile Week

  1. my favourite reptile is the snake, because it can lie in the sun for ages, its slimy and its belly touches the ground, I think thats funny.

    Its fangs are sharp, some eat mice and they shed their skin.

    Some are called Adders, some are called King Cobra, some are called Rattlesnakes and some are called Boa Constrictors and some are just called snakes.

    Baby snakes are called Snakelets and they hatch from eggs.

  2. Wow, thanks for that Archie! What a lot of fantastic information. I never knew baby snakes were called snakelets! You can share this with the rest of Reception tomorrow. Well done on doing some fantastic research!

  3. nearly all reptiles have cold blood and scales.

  4. I like reptiles. Because they lay in the sun And they have cold blood.

  5. Basilisk lizard is amazing because they can literally run on water

  6. My fave rout reptile is the alagator beacaus I like the way they look

  7. Dexter swales says:

    I like the liopleurodon.It is a marine reptile that ruled the seas of the Triassic
    It’s teeth was 10cm long!!!!

  8. Dylan dude says:

    Aparinetly snakes can swallow 50% larger than there own size!

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