Queen’s Park Habitats

This week we have started to learn about zoos and how they create habitats for specific animals. We are learning in teams to find out more about what animals need in order to survive. This will help us create different habitats for different animals in our model zoos.

What living things can you spot in Queen’s Park? Where did you see them? What do you think they need to survive?

7 comments on “Queen’s Park Habitats

  1. Max Mckinnon says:

    The scientific name for lion is Panther Leo trugeri

  2. Max Mckinnon says:

    Sorry Year 1, I put this comment on the wrong page! ?

  3. Grace Morley says:

    You might see a badger in the bushes. I know that they need water and insects. They live in the ground.

  4. Hopefully there are no lions roaming Queen’s Park! :-)

  5. Do you know the difference between a rabbit hole and a badger hole?

  6. Max Mckinnon says:

    You might see a lot of stuff like squirrel in the trees and In the morning and in the grass .

  7. There are Grey Squirrels in Queen’s Park. We see them gathering nuts mostly from the mums and dads. They hide them and then can’t find them

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