Mammal Mania!

Next week we will be learning all about mammals. What is your favourite mammal? Can you find out a fun fact about it?


12 comments on “Mammal Mania!

  1. A husky dog :)

  2. We love husky dogs in Rabbit class!

  3. My favourite is a dolphin.

  4. I like cats and dogs!

  5. I love any types of cats and I also love bears!

  6. I love monkeys

  7. Madeleine says:

    I love most animals like cats dogs horses and much more they are so cute

  8. My favourite mammal is the fruit bat, They are the only mammals that can fly. They hang upside down. And they usually like to fly at night

  9. charlotte says:

    TOTALLY THE SAME AS ME ANYA but i love cats just a tiny bit more

  10. My favourite is the capybara who is 1.4 meters long

  11. Dylan dude says:

    My favourite is a cat (did you know? Cats have forked toungs so it’s like a cup when they are drinking milk?)it must be so easy to drink *sigh*?☹️???

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