Lego Wedo

This term in Year 4, we have been learning about ‘programmable technology’ by building and coding Lego. We have looked at constructing different animals, then used code to make them move and make sounds!

Have a look at the questions below and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

1. What were the highlights  about Lego Wedo?
(level of programming, range of choice, ease of use)

2. How would you like to use this programmable technology in the future?
(what would you like to build, choice of project, links with other learning)

14 comments on “Lego Wedo

  1. I think one of the highlights was building a parrot with my friends and I would like to use this program with a longer lesson.

  2. My highlight was watching it be built and I think we should use this program more often.

  3. #Braaa Sam says:

    My highlights of legowedo were creating cool fun stuff.

  4. I think that my crocodile what i made with my friends was awesome because we took terns and took are time but after all that making and moving we had to break it and make a different thing. Me and my group were going to make dancing birds but we didn’t have time.

  5. My highlight was creating are spinner and Our lion.I would like to use this in the future to make toys and possibly a company but probably not a company. :)

  6. i thinck that my araplane was amazing because when it was done me and my freinds put a lego guy on the front and he span round and round

  7. my high lite was that it was fun i would make a krane.

  8. billy#epic says:

    I made a spinner and I coded it as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i have enjoyed making dansing birds with freinds

  10. i loved to build a drumming monkey with my friends . use it in more lessons.

  11. #Martha!? says:

    I really enjoyed making a Ferris wheel and making it go at all the different speeds and then making the people ride on it!

  12. Barry the bug eyed car was good but the mega Barry the bug eyed sports car was amazing – we even had people driving and wheels that turned round and we had a lego crowd.

  13. Verity ?!!!!!!!! says:

    I enjoyed making the dancing birds, drumming monkey and made up an idea to make a Ferris wheel

  14. amal basta says:


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