Just one wish

Wishes are complicated things and we have to be careful as sometimes they can go a bit wrong!

Watch the video (click on the picture) to get you thinking about wishes.

Philosophical Question 1

We can find it easy to think of a wish for ourselves but what would you wish for if you had just one wish to be shared between your friends, family and the world?

Maybe you would wish for everyone to be happy or would you wish that everyone would be kinder to each other.

Maybe you’ve got a much better idea.

Philosophical Question 2

Some wishes can seem a good idea like Midas’ wish but we don’t actually think of what could really happen.

You might wish that every day would be sunny but then all the plants and animals would die without rain

You might wish that you had a box of treasure but then spend all the time worrying someone might steal it.

Can you think of a wish which might go wrong?

Whichever question you choose I would love to hear your ideas!



29 comments on “Just one wish

  1. Raifa Hrishit says:

    1.I wish that all animals in the zoo would be free and live free in the jungle.
    2.I want everyone to stop using fossil fuel because of pollution.

  2. 1. I wish that people would stop killing animals to eat.
    2 . I wish that people would stop chucking plastic in the sea.
    3. I wish that people stop using fossil fuels.

  3. Question 1:
    Shelter for everyone

    Question 2:
    Wishing for snow every day it would be too cold for the plants and they would die.

  4. Stan Hughes says:

    Question 1- To go back in time to change what happens in the future e.g. to change behaviour and stop animals becoming extinct.
    Question 2 – make everything cheaper to buy but we will ruin the planet by producing more and some people might not earn enough to live.

  5. Tigers keyworker bubble says:

    We thought about whether ‘everyone being happy’ would be a good wish. We decided that if we were always happy it might not feel special any more, we might seem uncaring when something bad happens and we might not be motivated to change the world (like Greta Thunberg). We also might not learn things. We agreed that it is good that we have lots of different feelings.

    We then thought about whether a good wish would be for coronavirus to end. We felt that some things about lockdown have been okay such as having more space in the park and at first we didn’t mind too much but now we feel fed up and would like that wish. We realise that what we wish for may change over time.

    We also realised that what we think we want might not be the best wish. For example, if we don’t want to go to bed and wished we never had to go to bed, we would end up very tired and grumpy. We can learn to make the most of what we have, not always thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

  6. .*.'alia'.*. says:

    I wish that covid would GO AWAY !

  7. .*.'alia'.*. says:

    and also that everyone would be treated fairly if they had a different colour skin, if they were a different culture or even if they just like something different they should be treated fairly

  8. Eli Wakeling says:

    1:I would wish for world equality.
    2:I would wish for world peace

  9. Eli Wakeling says:

    1.I would wish for world equality because, the word would be a safer place and it would make everyone much happier because we would all have the same rights and not be discriminated against.
    2. I would wish for world peace and the reason that could go wrong is it could just wipe out all life and then world peace would be achieved but nothing else would happen.

  10. Question 1: I would wish for everyone to be happy, healthy and have a home.
    Question 2: I know what would go wrong if you wished to eat sweets and chocolate forever. You would get really sick and ill.

  11. Max Hopkins says:

    Max – I wish everyone was always kind because that would make everyone happy.

    My other wish would be to stay in bed all day and all night, but that wouldn’t work because I’d have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed!

  12. I wish that I could bring my teddy to life.alex

  13. My wish is to wish for more wishes, I ain’t no fool! and here’s an idea of a bad wish – you think it would be good if everybody could have wishes but there are selfish and mean people out there in the world, and loads of people could wish wishes that hurt other people and before you know it, world war 3!

  14. Ohood Zidan says:

    I think that Midas was being a bit greedy and he was being selfish because gold is really heavy so it would be dangerous plus if you saw the bird it lost its life

  15. I think that a wish that would go wrong is if you wished for something non-specific. Like for example, wishing to transform into any animal you like whenever you want. What I think could go wrong is if you couldn’t find a way to transform back. And if you were hungry for food no one would give some to you. You would have to steal and if you did you would be taken into animal control. Followed by finding shelter, water, and last but not least safety. And that’s my opinion.

  16. I would wish to have become god of thunder so I can have a hammer.

  17. To get never ending wishes 😎🤑

  18. eternal life it would be so boring

  19. i would wish for infinite wishes

  20. Q1: Indeed, just if everyone was somewhat decent.

    Q2: A well known one, being rich. It’s of course ‘good’ having loads of money however it can steal your soul if you get greedy.

  21. C H A R L I E says:

    Question 1: I wish everyone could be happy because then the world would be a better place
    Question 2: If everyone could be rich because money doesn’t buy happiness

  22. KODYYYYYYYYY says:

    2. If everybody had immortality

  23. Year 6 child says:

    1. every thing you touch will become GOOD :)
    2. every thing you touch will become BAD :(

  24. Max Mckinnon says:

    I would wish for money not exist because money creates horrible things like wars and Homeless people starvation. The world would be a better place without money.
    I wish to know everything because if you know everything you would have no purpose to life. In your life you always learn.

  25. Year 6 child says:

    I would wish for everyone to shapeshift
    Because then we could be a birds , fish , or anything and express ourselves with the way we feel
    I would not wish to have infinite money BC. money does not buy happiness it only buys boasting and items

  26. 1Q:
    I wish that plastic did not exist because then animals would not get strangled and the world would be a better place; and it would be much healthier.
    If everyone knew everything, there would be no meaning in life and schools, teacher and headteachers would not exist.

  27. 1
    I wish that the Amazon rainforest would stop being cut down.

    If I wished everyone could follow their dreams, that might be a problem if those dreams were bad.

  28. i think that wishing to live forever would be a very terrible wish at first it would sound really good but actually would probably be very boring because living forever eventually you would have seen everything and then there is nothing that you cant do and now that gets really boring because the is nothing else that there is to do and it would be very bad when the worlds population goes down and every one you care about dies in front of you and you cant die

  29. 1.I wish that everyone would be treated equal so there would be no wars

    2.If I wish that ever thing I touch would turn to gold then I would never be able to eat

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