Is it ever okay to use someone?



After reading ‘Frog and the Stranger’ 4L felt that the animals had ‘used’ rat for his abilities rather than liked him for what he was. This led us to ask lots of questions to do with the concept of ‘using’ people.

So- is it ever okay to ‘use’ someone? What do you think?

8 comments on “Is it ever okay to use someone?

  1. In 4VF here are some of our thoughts.
    Lois says no because its just not kind to use someone.
    George says it depends because they might want you to use them as jobs people otherwise no….
    Cara says it depends again because at bouldering I gave a friend a leg up and she was using me as help ….
    Jude says Yes and No you use servants and you pay them but if you don’t pay people and just use them that is bad using.

  2. Sometimes because you might need them for a reason but you cant do it if it will affect other people or the person your using. When you are using someone you need to think before you do it or you will r regret it after.Try to be happy but do not do anything that will heart anyone.

  3. Well sometimes but not always because it is not good for the person that you are using but yes because if you are royal than you can use your servant to do things :)

  4. I had a think and then i realised that it depends because sometimes the person that you are using wants you to do it but if they don’t then it’s wrong so i think maybe :D

  5. omar hamdan says:

    i think no because they have their own rights:}

  6. Well, i think that you to decide on the answer to this question, you need to know what you were using them for. (if at all.) If someone was being lazy and their drink was on the table in front of them and their friend was sittin’ next to them and the first one said: “Get me my drink or i tell of you of that bad thing you did to your dad!”

    but if someone asked for a leg up it would fine probably.

  7. I think that it is bad to use someone because it is mean and you don’t have control over everyone.

  8. I think it’s bad to judge people by the way they look because Everyone is different on the inside.

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