Gardening in Year 4

Year 4 are starting to grow plants in our new topic and would like to know about any growing that you do outside of school. What plants do you grow? Where do you grow them? Who do you grow plants with? Why do you grow them? Let us know about all of your growing experiences.

10 comments on “Gardening in Year 4

  1. i warter our bammboo and plants now because i dont have any room to plant stuff.

  2. Awsome Kay says:

    I grow strawberries to eat and also to give to charity when we make strawberry tart. I also grow flowers like tulips, roses, Lilly, daisy & daffodils ect.the crops we grow are pumpkin,tomatoes,cress,potatoes,radishes,carrots.

  3. Dylan dude says:

    I grow carrots in my alotment

  4. Sylvie.Allen says:

    gardening is great fun! we have planted lot’s of things including carrots,potatoes ,radishes, beetroot,spring onion and spinach.At the end of the year we are holding a gardening party in the year 3 and 4 playground.[i am not entirely sure when it is but you can ask a year 4 teacher if you want to know more.

  5. my table planted radishes but people keep picking them!

  6. year 4 has been so fun!

  7. I grow strawberries in my garden and they taste very nice. Also, we used to grow red chiles and once I ate one whole, which I won’t do again, and it was super spicy!

  8. peter.rowlands says:

    This year, my family and I are growing veggies in our front garden as it is south facing. We are trying ‘3 sisters companion planting’ by growing sweetcorn, climbing beans and squash together in the same bed. Click here for more details…

    It seems to be working well so far!

  9. Well i know that you really need to get rid of slugs and snails . But you really need to give them enough water .

  10. I have fore cacti on my windowsill but there water has gone yellow do you know whats happened?

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