In year 4 we have been doing experiments based on electricity. We started off by making circuits. Here are some of the questions we generated after doing our experiments:

  • What other materials conduct electricity?
  • Does a coiled wire make a difference to the brightness of the bulb?
  • Are there other metals that do not conduct electricity?
  • Does the sun create electricity?
  • Do our bodies generate electricity? If so where and how?

Typed ┬áby Martha – Year 4

9 comments on “Electricity

  1. Flo Rainey 4P says:

    I think that the sun does create electricity because solar panels change the suns rays into electricity.

  2. I think that the sun dose generate electricity because how would sola panels work if it didn’t?I think that our body’s do conduct electricity because there is a man called the human magnet and how would that work is just a miracle who knows?:)

  3. I think that the sun dose not create electricity it creates sola energy and then the sola panels convert it in to electricity.

  4. Delilah-Rose 4p says:

    I think that coiled wire does make a difference because if it is coiled the bulb will not be as bright as if it wasn’t coiled. It also might be something to do with how long the wire is.

  5. harrison 4p says:

    I learnt that all metals conduct elctrity but some better than others.

  6. I fink that some meterals are better at coduting eletrisaty than Evers .

  7. I’ve learned that metals do not work through oranges

  8. I think electricity is powered by the sun and the wind……

  9. grace 4p says:

    I think that the sun dose not create electricity because the solar panalls

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