Alive or Not Alive- how do we know?

How do we know if something is alive or not? We tried to sort out some pretty tricky things like hair, toe nails, an egg about to hatch, thoughts ,feelings, a piece of fish……any ideas about what the rules are for deciding?

10 comments on “Alive or Not Alive- how do we know?

  1. We all have to breath oxygen or carbon dioxide to live or maybe a heart beat.

  2. we all have to grow and maybe breath well

  3. We have to breathe produce and get rid of the left overs.

  4. you dont know no one knows anything

  5. There are certain things that show somthings alive and two of those things is that it can move on its own and it can breath. However how can we tell if we’re dreaming and all this is not true?

  6. things which are alive breathe and have a pulse except for trees and plants which are alive but don’t have a pulse. Why is this??

  7. Move
    MRS NERG!!!

  8. I think you have to be able to breath,eat,reproduce and grow!

  9. Tabbitha says:

    To be alive you have to have your own, beating heart and you must be able to breathe and consume/excrete.

  10. I think you can short living things into birds,incecets,anphibions,mammles and FISH!

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