Akilah’s idea or how to make the world a better place


Banished to the island, Akilah discovered her ideas had come from an from an ideas angel. When she found this out, what do you think was her next amazing idea?


What would be your idea to make the world a better place and in whose mind would you whisper it?


What would you invent to make the world a better place?


Can’t wait to see just how imaginative you can be!!



25 comments on “Akilah’s idea or how to make the world a better place

  1. Build homes for the homeless and give money.

  2. Raifa Hrishit says:

    Earn lots of money and give them to the homeless and stop littering.

  3. maybe there could be a robot that clean’s all the litter up. Then at the end of the day he sows all the litter up to make some blankets for the homeless.

  4. I think Akila was thinking that she would gather all the idea angels together with hers and warn them about the state of the world and that they needed to act fast. A couple of hours later there were ideas Angels scattered everywhere on earth whispering in all of the ears of the petrol dealers, house builders etc giving them their own great ideas to change the world for the better. Ps it takes more than one person to change the world!

  5. Ellis Rhodes says:

    A machine that cleans plastic properly so you can use it forever.
    A machine that when animals die, it brings them back to life.
    Inviting a homeless man for dinner.

  6. Milly and Iris says:

    build a plane out of wood that runs on sand

  7. I could invent a machine that you leave in the forest and every time a tree is chopped down or pulled over or out of the ground, it would plant a new one. Every time there was a forest fire, it would plant a whole new forest in a wasted dead land a fill it with life. you would have to fill up the seed tank every week and it would charge with solar panels. you could not only put it in a forest with tree seeds, but you could put it on a grassy meadow with flower seeds, you could put it anywhere with any seeds really !

  8. Gwilym Harris says:

    Pollution plane is my idea it sucks up pollution using an enlarged vacumme and it sucks the pollution from Cars, trains, boats and rockets. It moves using wind like a kite

  9. – I think she got the banished idia angle to go to all the bad people and tell them to change their ways.
    – I think she gave money to ALL the poor so there was no more poverty.

  10. george gabriele says:

    my idea is is to build a brain scanner which will test if politicians going into public office [i.e. Donald r.j trump] are true or NOT

  11. My idea is to build a trash detector to pick up trash in the sea and land. You take it in the sea with you when you swim and it pulls out all the trash.

  12. My idea is an Argument Preventer!

    It would have a sensor which would take in noise and if it heard loud talking it would analyse the tones of the people speaking and if the tones were angry it would emit a calming smell (probably lavender!) to calm everyone down. I would use it on my big brother! But it would be useful all over the world I think!

  13. My idea is a machine making machine!

    I thought of so many ideas of machines that a machine making machine would be the best idea because it will make all the machines I want, like the robot elephant that sucks up pollution from it’s trunk, or the fireworks bazooka that fires out fireworks to cheer everyone up.

  14. I think Akila is going to convince all the other angels to whisper good ideas into everyone’s ears and Akila is going to escape with a brilliant idea. The world will be a better and kinder place.

  15. I’d whisper in my friend Willow’s ear that I want to make the world a better place with carnivals, parades, dancing and singing for EVERYONE!! 🎉🎉🎉

  16. I think she is going to build a raft and float off the island.

  17. C H A R L I E says:

    I would change all things that use petrol.
    and reduce the use of plastic .

  18. a vakume that suks up polooshon

  19. Reuben Type y6 says:

    infinite food supply because then all the people in need could eat :]
    :] :] :] :[

  20. i would make a weather machine

    it would be able to rain in places that need it also it could deliver clean and fresh water to all the world.

  21. I would make an eco friendly fitness treadmill.:)

  22. My Idea is to create a type of petrol that is environmentally safe so it doesn’t produce Fossil Fuels and the Petrol company would still have Petrol to make but it would not be against the environment but to do that I would have to create new cars (I’d do that too.)

  23. planes come to each place at sometime and take rubbish and plant trees and and drop the rubbish in a volcano

  24. humans should evolve to eat plastic / pollution and have the ability to duplicate food

  25. i would turn all the petrol into petrol that is made out of leaves

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