A Time Machine!


If you could travel back in time or into the future where would you go, what would you hope to see and what would you do there?

Is a time machine a good idea or could it be dangerous?


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30 comments on “A Time Machine!

  1. Reuben Hall says:

    I think I would like to go to the year 2476 in the future because then I could show them what we had and compare it to what they have.

  2. Sunny Littek-Rolt says:

    I think it’s a bad idea because if you travelled forward in time and saw what will happen then you might change it then it will have major affects eg you change the world so you’re not born

  3. I would go to 3587 because I would like to see if they have made the world a better place or a worse place.

  4. solomon thorley says:

    it would probably be bad for the enviroment

  5. Milly and MY FRIEND Iris says:

    I would want to go back i time to 2013 so i could see my gran

  6. Iris and MY FRIEND Milly says:

    I want to go back to 2014 to see my self as a toddler ;}

  7. if I had to time travel I would go Into the past and see all the good things that have happened in my life and not into the future because if I know what is coming I won’t enjoy it or it won’t happen. yet if I could choose I would not travel in time because it might be dangerous and you might get stuck in the past or future and you might mess up the past so the present is different and you might do something so stupid that you aren’t born in the present time.

  8. – I would go to the past and tell the people in the past not to invent cars that run on petrol, but cars that run on water or steam.

  9. I would go to the past and make coronaviras be cured.

  10. G W I L Y M says:

    I think that I would go to the past because there are things that we don’t do anymore which I would like to try. For example I would like to go to medieval times and try jousting because it would be risky but fun. I would like to see in the stone age how they hunted mammoths and I would also like to see the pyramids being built so I can see how they did it. But it would be dangerous if I died or I could change 1 thing and everything everything in the preset would change…………..

  11. george gabriele says:

    I would like to go into the furture because we could see what we would be when we grow up

  12. G W I L Y M says:

    Also that movie looks interesting

  13. I would go back in time and convince Boris Johnson not to go ahead with Brexit and instead make him invest in more eco friendly power
    (eg: wind turbines, hydro electricity, more solar panels etc)

  14. If I built a timemachine I would want to go to the future because I want to know what I am

  15. Adrian (kangaroos) says:

    If, I built a time machine I would go to the future because I would like to see what has climate change has done to our planet.

  16. Charlie Wright says:

    I wouldn’t use it because I think it would be too dangerous!

  17. I would travel to the future but not the past as i would be worried that i would mess something up and change the future like for example, somehow making the dinosaurs live!

  18. I wouldn’t do time travel because it would be way too risky and it would destroy the timeline I’m in.

  19. I wouldn’t time travel because to time travel you will always change one little thing on purpose or not and then a new timeline will appear and for that to happen the old timeline (our timeline) will have to be DELETED FROM EXISTENCE!

  20. i would go back in time and stop myself doing / saying stupid things ,
    and get my van back from Edie.

  21. C H A R L I E says:

    I wouldn’t t time travel because i could see myself and everything would be very confusing

  22. I would go back to Birmingham in the 70’s because my dad says it was really good and I like the music and sweets cost a penny.

  23. I would go to the future and stop climate change by making every car run on electricity by being charged by you running on a treadmill.🚗🚙😊

  24. i would go see the dinosaurs it would be cool

  25. I think time travel is dangerous because it can be very harmful to people and every thing can change just because you accidentally change something. So I would not time travel

  26. i would go in to the past to when my ancestors were alive because it would be really cool to see what they were like and also to meet them.

  27. Elsbeth sherman says:

    I would travel back in time because then you could see all the amazing history that happened in the past like henry the eighth and the dinosaurs that lived before us and I think that it would be a good idea for people to travel back in time but it would be crucial that you don’t change a single thing because then the time line would alter completely and then something might happen to us so maybe you won’t be born in the future and if you travel to the future then there would be no point living cause you have already seen every thing that you need to see and nothing is a surprise you know everything that is about to happen the future like surprise party’s you would know when you would get one and then they would not be a surprise and if you do an audition then you would know whether you got in or not so you would absolutely be done with life if you knoew that you are going to die and what you have accomplished when you die so i would think that i would have no reason to live anymore and if you know what your future is then you might want to change it cause you have a bad one and then if you try and change it then something much worse could happen to you or someone else could get hurt or worse and the someon in your family coud get hurt as well

  28. Josh Witcher says:

    I wanna go back to 1990

  29. but my clock says its 2012 so im in foxes now

  30. then i would meet smif-n wessun, mf doom (AKA madlib and zev love x), q tip, and many more hiphop artists.

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