Research News

St. Luke’s prides itself on being a highly reflective school, which actively engages in educational research within the school and actively draws on the results of rigorous research within other educational settings. It has close relationship with the Institute of Education in London and is involved in a very exciting two year project looking at the impact of research in schools. It has been asked to report its findings to a governmental steering group led by Lord Adonis. We also work closely with the University of Brighton and we are members of the Cambridge Review programme.

Our research follows an annual cycle and our research planning follows the pattern outlined below:

Autumn Term

  • Use data to identify areas for improvement
  • Define a question to investigate
  • Propose possible solutions based on changes to practice

Spring Term

  • Establish baseline data
  • Trial the approach
  • Review and refine
  • Present findings

Summer Term

  • Adopt changes to practice where there is clear evidence of benefits/improved progress for the children

At present we are looking at how we can support lower attainers in writing more effectively.

We have groups looking at:

Promoting Growth Mindset towards writing in the Early Years

Improving the impact of Teacher Assistants

Mixed attainment approach to teaching

The impact of ‘free writing’ opportunities on a child’s attitude to writing and themselves as a writer

The link between handwriting competency and broader writing attainment

How children’s choice of writing topic affects the quality of their writing

We will be collating our findings at the beginning of the Spring term and implementing the changes in September.

Educational Resources to challenge your thinking

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Maybe you fancy a bit of reading? The Sutton Trust has produced a really useful tool to support schools in where to develop its expertise.