E-safety Info for Parents/ Carers

e-Safety is an area of the computing curriculum that we take especially seriously at St. Luke’s. We are very aware of the increasing and valid concerns that parents and carers have and their need for useful and relevant information. Being aware of what’s out there and the level of access that your children have is an important first step in keeping them safe. Children at St. Luke’s are taught and think about internet safety from Reception onward but it is vitally important that you, as parents/carers, can support this learning at home. We hope that this page of links to digital resources we use in the classroom can be of help and may prove useful in understanding the issues and ways forward.


internetmatters Aimed at parents/carers, there are a lot of useful resources and good advice here.
DD We use one of Childnet’s excellent resources ‘DigiDuck’ in Reception and Year 1 to begin to think about the effect of cyber-bullying. There are apps available for ipads and android if you follow the link.
DD This is a great new BBC site with lots of child friendly (mainly upper KS2 and above) video and information.
parent-info-banner There are some really good parent/carer guides to be found at this site.
cat Jigsaw is a short film from CEOP that enables children to understand that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world. Aimed at children aged 8-10.
ThinkUKnow All sorts of games and videos including Year 2 stay safe online favourite, ‘Hector’s World’…HectorsWorld
saferinternet The home of Safer Internet Day.
ThinkUKnow CBBC’s ‘Stay Safe’ including: Protect thy privacy settings! (a message from Guy Fawkes)
This is a highly recommended magazine that is available in digital form and hard copy, one of a number of helpful resources at Parentzone.
Share Aware The NSPCC site Share Aware has some hard-hitting but age appropriate video aimed at upper junior school children. Unsurprisingly, the theme is taking care what you share.
Share Aware The NSPCC site Net Aware has some excellent advice and information about social media and gaming including the very popular Fortnite.
fictitious If it’s on the internet, it must be true!
Mechanical Marvels of the Nineteenth Century
All About Explorers
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
The Famous Flying Penguins (BBC)
Dihydrogen Monoxide

If you have any questions about e-Safety or further suggestions of resources please contact esafety@stlukes-brighton.net.