PCTA Event

Here’s all the important dates you Need!


Event – School Disco x 2: 4.30 – 6pm infants 615 -7.45pm juniors, 22nd November
Meeting – Weds 13th Nov (xmas fair)
Odd Sock Choc Day – Wednesday 27th November
Hamper Day – Thursday 5th December
Wrapping party – Thursday 5th December
Set up Christmas Fair – Friday 6th December
Event – Christmas fair – Saturday 7th Dec
Event – End of term breakfast – Friday 20th December
HOLIDAY back Tuesday 7th January 2020

Meeting – Weds 5th February (allocation of funds)
Event – Valentines Breakfast – Friday 14th February
HOLIDAY – HALF TERM – Monday 17th February – back on Monday 24th February
Meeting – Weds 11th March
Event – Music bingo and disco @BYC – Friday 20th March
Event – Easter Breakfast – Thursday 2nd April
HOLIDAY – EASTER – Friday 3rd April – back on Monday 20th April
Meeting – Weds 29th April (summer fair)
Meeting – Weds 20th May (summer fair)
Event – Half term Breakfast – Thursday 21st May
HOLIDAY – HALF TERM – Friday 22nd May – back on Monday 1st June
Meeting – Weds 17th June (summer fair)
Event – Rainbow Day – Thursday 9th July
Wrapping party – Thursday 9th July
Set up summer fair – Friday 10th July
Event – Summer Fair – Saturday 11th July

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