i360 Trip- Year Three

IMG_20170511_110354[1] IMG_20170511_110002[1] IMG_20170511_110133[1] IMG_20170511_113232[1]IMG_20170511_105333[1]IMG_20170511_101839[1]IMG_20170511_105926[1]Today Year Three took flight on the i360! We flew up 162m to the very top and could see the whole of Brighton and Hove, despite the mist in the distance. We even spotted Brighton train station, the Marina and St Luke’s!IMG_20170511_110205[1] IMG_20170511_111141[1] IMG_20170511_111053[1] IMG_20170511_110359[1] IMG_20170511_110832[1] IMG_20170511_110046[1] IMG_20170511_095434[1] Afterwards we enjoyed our lunch on the beach and were joined by lots of seagulls!