Everyone’s Learning Together

Al Start has written a song especially for St. Luke’s called ‘Everyone’s Learning Together’. Thanks Al.

Scroll down to listen. Here are the words:

EVERYONE’S LEARNING TOGETHER                          Words & Music Al Start © 2015


Step 1: Just like the owl

I think of a question and ask it out loud

Step 2: Use my mind’s eye

Imagination is a butterfly

Step 3: Never give in

Slow and steady lets the tortoise win

Step 4: There’s nothing to it

So be like a monkey and Just go for it!



Everyone’s learning together

We’re on a journey

Everyone’s learning forever

All you have to say just once a day

Is “I believe in myself” and you’re on your way!


Da-da da-dahh, da-da da dah….etc



What’s next? I make a link

We can learn anywhere at all I think

Then what? I ask the others

Like a bee learns with sisters and brothers

And then? I challenge myself

We can always learn something else

That’s it, there’s nothing to it

So be like a monkey and JUST GO FOR IT!!




Da-da da-dahh, da-da da dah….etc