Home Learning

Summer Home Learning

Hello Year 4!


This half term our new topic is called ‘Gardening’.   We are going to be learning about plants, conditions for growth and you will be growing your own produce in the school garden!

The home learning task is to research an unusual plant somewhere in the world. It is important that you do this as you are going to use the information to make a pop-up book in Design Technology lessons at the end of this half term.

It will be useful for you to know what the plant looks like so that you can include clear pictures and descriptions in your pop-up-book.

Try to find out-

·        What it  looks like

·        why it is unusual

·        how and where it grows

·        the types of seeds it produces

·        how seeds are dispersed
Research must be in your own words.

Please note this does not need to be beautifully produced as you will be turning this research into a pop-up booklet in school

These websites may be useful for research- they looked suitable when a member of staff checked them this term but as you know websites do change:

BBC – 9 rarest plants in the world

Top 10 bizarre plants

Strange and funny plants

Your homework is due on Monday 14th May as you will then be using your research in class to design a pop-up book about your unusual plant.

Happy Learning!