What is happening at Whitehawk Hill?

This aerial photo was taken about 80 years ago.

If you look carefully you can see what looks like a big circle around where the roads cross.

Archeologists were interested and started to dig. They found lots of animal bones and stone tools.

What do you think happened at this place?

Things look very different now. What is built on and around this site now?

Tell us what you think  by adding a comment.

10 comments on “What is happening at Whitehawk Hill?

  1. Alia cheverton says:

    I think that the 4 circles are there because the stone age people put there houses in 4 circles out side each other.

  2. I think they did a little ceremony. Now there is a racecourse.

  3. I think it was a place for hunting and celebrating. The race course is very near to this site now.

  4. Harvey Axson says:

    I think that the circle is where the stone age people lived

  5. George wadsworth says:

    I think they had a giant tent where they celebrated a big animal catch! They ate the animal.

  6. Sunny Littek-Rolt says:

    I think they had big celebrations, they did worshipping and they did trading. The racecourse and the ariel are nearby.

  7. I liked it gave me confedints on Stone Age bone age🤑

  8. Arthur Shaw says:

    I think they did singing and dancing and lit a big fire 🔥.

  9. Arthur shaw says:

    Lots of people lived there because they could see all around 🐖🐃🤠.

  10. I agree with Arthur because of the surroundings

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