What did the Romans do for us?

Think about all you have learnt about the Romans this half term, then see if you can answer the following question explaining your reasons. Use the pictures below to give you some ideas.


The Romans made Britain a worse place to live. True or false?

16 comments on “What did the Romans do for us?

  1. I think false because at first there was a bit of war but the Romans did bring lots of new things to England like underfloor heating and stinging nettles. They also taught us how to read and rite in the Roman language(Latin).

  2. I think false because it started of with a war but it slowly turned into a new begining and a lovely new village!

  3. False because if they did’nt come there would’nt be coins and strate roads and loads of over things that are yousfull.

  4. The Romans are amasing

  5. I think it is true
    because they did invade lots of country’s and if you lived in one of those country’s you would probably get killed. the romans weren’t soft on invading they didn’t just nock on your door and move in they would probably start a fight and get lots of people envolved and lots and lots and lots of people would die

  6. I think it false because they invaded loads of countries but they did also teach us Latin.The Romans even brought underfloor heating and lots of other types of animals including stinging nettles.

  7. Sylvie Bartholomew says:

    I think it’s false because they gave us fruit such as apples and grapes, they also gave us roads and baths too so I definitely think it’s false!

  8. I think false because there was a little bit of war first but then they brought us lots of things like underfloor heating and nettles lots of words to.

  9. I think false because although the romans brought war they also provided us with an army and public baths and underfloor heating and lots of other things that we have now . If the romans didn’t come we maybe wouldn’t of had all of the things we have now.

  10. I think it’s false because Romans were at war with us but then they came part of britain .

  11. I think that the Romans helped and invented lots of things such as flat roads and other things but they did do some things that were a bit annoying to us as well so i think that they were both good and bad.

  12. Flo Albertson says:

    I think it is…………FALSE because they fought for us and saved others lives by defending Britain

  13. I think false beacause they did do war but they also did lots of stuff for us say for example they built main straight roads, brought in lots of fruit and vegetables and the calendar we use today.

  14. Adding onto what I said I still think it is true because the Romans did the fighting but some did farming and they weren’t called the Romans they were called farmers.

  15. I think it is false because even though they did a lot of fighting they still brought useful stuff.

  16. I think both because they brought lots of things that inspired the modern world but they also came with huge cruelty. They used slavery and did not treat people nicely.

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