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My first recommendation would be Go Noodle. This is an American website that we use a lot in school to get children moving. Some of the children also have it at home and they definitely seem to enjoy it. It’s a great mix of workouts, brain gym, yoga, Zumba, dance, sing-along, mindfulness, and much more.
If you go on the website, open the drop down menu and you can sign up for free to their “Good Energy” scheme, which has been specially set up for children to use at home. You can keep a track of how busy you’ve been.
On the main site, once you’ve signed up, the “Channels” we use a lot include KooKooKangaroo, Moose Tube, GoWith The Pro, Brainercise, Awesome Sauce and the Champiverse. Blazer Fresh is also good for some De La Soul stle raps. Also, if you click on the tab that says “Categories,” “School Life”, then “Indoor Recess”, there are 10-15 minute compilations that are ideal to follow. It’s a great thing to put on if space is limited and you can’t go outside.

Secondly, the BBC and the football Premier league have got together to produce Supermovers.
It’s divided into KS1 (Infants) and KS2 (Juniors). What’s great is that they combine learning from across the curriculum with being active- for example, a 9 times table workout led by PL mascots, or a song about algebra by Karim from Strictly. Besides English and Maths, there are items on Science, French and much more.
Incidentally, if your child loves football, you may also find Premier League related learning and downloadable content at Premier League Primary Stars

If your child has bags of energy, and the adults in the house are missing the gym, then Joe Wicks the Body Coach is doing daily 30 minute PE lessons aimed at children called PE with Joe (but which I found to be just as good for grown-ups). Just go to his YouTube channel

I think half an hour or so depending on age would be a good thing for most children- try mixing it up, so maybe goNoodle 2-3 times a week, Joe Wicks every other day for lots of exercise, plus a bit of Supermovers to make learning the basics a bit more fun and active.

Let me know how you get on, plus any other top tips: are any of our fantastic gymnasts doing some routines at home, has anyone set a new keepy uppy record with a football or table tennis stuff, has anyone learned some new skipping, futsal, or basketball tricks, is anyone playing against somebody else online?

All the best

Andy Starkie


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  1. Hi Andy

    Thank you for your work. While the weather is dry, and often when it is not, Liam is out playing football in the Close with Oscar, his mate 2 doors down. Liam is working in the morning and out while it is sunny. If he doesn’t come back to school a better footballer I’ll eat his goaly gloves!
    Best wishes
    Stay safe

  2. Thanks for all these top tips Andy, they look like so much fun! Sammy and I will be keeping ourselves busy exploring them together. 😀👍🏻👏🏻

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