How To Make a Model Shaduf

In Year Three we have just started learning how to write instructions. Grown ups, please have a go at following the instructions telling you how to make a model shaduf which should be sent home on Tuesday.

You can watch some archive footage of a type of shaduf here.

We would love to know how you got on. This is our first go at this, which we did with very little support in a fairly short period of time, so we are hoping that they are completed, precise, legible and detailed enough. :)

Can you write a comment about how clear the instructions were to follow and any feedback on how to improve our instruction writing. Thank -you

22 comments on “How To Make a Model Shaduf

  1. i think that it was very fun making them

  2. i think that it was very fun making them at school

  3. I had good, clear instructions. The only suggestions would be to make them a little more specific. For example, explaining that 3 of the sticks form a pyramid shape, and the 4th is a lever. Also which end/ends to stick the bluetack and that you need to attach the paper case to the end of the lever stick. Great project!

  4. Lenny Caple-Forwatd says:

    Great instructions, Shaduf was a success

  5. We lost the blu tack so we used our clay instead but instructions were good but the shaduf was hard to make

  6. Excellent. I built a shaduf!
    Maxwell helped me tho…
    The instructions were very clear and well written, they could be improved by testing them and adjusting the detail.
    Well done!

  7. Sunny Littek-Rolt says:

    The instructions that I had to follow were very clear and the model was a success! One suggestion, perhaps, would be to have set out that the sticks needed to “overlap” a bit at the top to allow the 4th stick some more stability. And also that the cake paper sticks more easily to the the “non-pointy” end. Even without this, however, the model worked so fantastic instructions!

  8. Really nice bit of homework to do – anything that’s practical and creative as opposed to written is always a hit in our house!

  9. Marcella - Lorelai’s mum says:

    The instructions were clear and concise. They were ordered in a way that made completing the task straightforward. It was well thought through with a comprehensive list of what was needed at the start. I was impressed! I also appreciated the small diagrams of how to arrange the cocktail sticks alongside the written instructions. The one point I felt there could have been more clarity on was when it came to attaching the fourth stick on top of the tripod of three. There needed to be more detail as to what part of the stick needed to go where – ie to create a lever/balance. I also wondered whether there could have been more of an initial description of what a shaduf is and what it’s for – ie to lever water from a river (not sure whether that was in their remit though ) Setting out exactly what you are hoping will be created and the purpose of that creation makes it easier to follow the instructions.

  10. What happens when your shaduf brakes?

  11. I was a bit sad because my sister broke my shaduf but I don’t mind because my mum took a few pictures of it and it was really fun making it

  12. We had good clear instructions and everything we needed (Blue Peter would be proud). To make them even better I agree that a description or a picture of what a Shaduf is would have been helpful and a bit more guidance on balancing stick 4 would have helped too. But Stan thought we did a good job overall.

  13. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. We had great fun making our shaduf.

  14. I’ve never seen a Shaduf before and now I’ve learned what it is! Great instructions- maybe a diagram or two would have helped me get started a bit quicker but once I got my head around the shape the instructions made it really easy to complete the building.

  15. Arthur Shaw says:

    It was pretty hard but we did it. It did not hold .crumbs! 👟💰🐷

  16. Seemed straightforward enough and provides a simple working demo. Yolo enjoyed watching me struggle at first but after a couple of hints I managed it successfully. A good fun practical task

  17. Milly McNicol says:

    I really enjoyed making my Shaduf. I thought the instructions were good but sometimes needed a little bit more information about where to exactly put the blu-tack. Good work though girls!

  18. Arthur Shaw says:

    Did all Egyptians have Shadufs?👑

  19. I really enjoyed making the shaduf , I spent a funny and interesting time with Aya making it ,I believe the instructions were clear enough for me and Aya showed me a picture and we watched a video together about it, thanks a lot ..

  20. Robin and Glyn (Robin’s Dad) says:

    It was fun making them 🙂💥

    We found it tricky to balance the last stick though!

  21. I enjoyed making the Shaduf. I tried first on my own with just the instructions. Since I didn’t know what it was and what it might look like, I ended up with something very different. Then I made it with Oliver – and it turned out fine! The instructions set out a clear list of the materials needed and broke the task down step by step. Well done! Giving a little explanation about what a Shaduf is and what it is used for would be a good addition to the instructions. A drawing, diagram or photo of what the finished object is supposed to look like would also make it much easier to follow the instructions.

  22. It was hard at first ,
    But we did it in a few days.
    Oh. no, I think I broke It.

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